In Christ Alone

As we head into our weekend anticipating when we will gather to share our lives in Christ together in worship and fellowship, let this song and video help remind you of the joy it is to be found in Christ.

3 responses to “In Christ Alone

  1. Great song. Have you heard ‘Our Great God’ by Fernando Ortega? Well worth the $0.99 on iTunes (the version off his album called ‘Storm’).

    May our songs be a sweet smell to Him!

    Grace to you –

    • I have not heard that. Though I listen to some Christian radio, I listen to a lot of talk radio (not the political stuff) and still my favorite…classic/hard rock. So I don’t always hear the latest great worship songs coming out (though I have a pull towards the contemporary as well as the ancient, ancient hymns). When I visit the Pepperdine Bible Lectures and hear the praise teams singing, I am always amazed at how many new songs there are.

      Grace and peace,


  2. I don’t listen to Christian radio at all; merely heard it through the grapevine. I’m with you, Classic Rock all the way! (though, I do have a soft spot for 80s music) 🙂


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