Tweeting…A Passion for Christ (Phil 1.18-26)…Clay Neighborhood Videos

So I am now using Twitter ( and having my tweets posted on the side bar of my blog.  Why?  That’s a good question.  Some say it is nothing more than an ego-trip, others say it is a faddy trend waiting to pass, and others say its just a waste of precious time in a life that is already filled with too much meaningless activity.  Perhaps tweeting is some of all the above but I hope it will give a bit more of a portrait into the life of one preacher/evangelist trying to live out the mission of God, however feeble that effort is.

So if you are interested in following my tweets, keep reading my blog or sign up for a Twitter account ( and start following me there.


I preached yesterday from Philippians 1.18-26 at the Randolph Church of Christ.  I titled the sermon “A Passion for Christ.”  The sermon is about how to live Christ as the Apostle Paul does, so in the sermon I discuss how to hear God speak…that is, how to discern the voice of God (the voice of truth) from all the noise in our lives so that when we hear God’s voice we can do what God says in obedient faith.  That is, I believe, how we learn to participate in what God is doing (the mission of God) where God is already working rather than trying to force God to work where we prefer.

Any ways, I have tried uploading it but there is some security problem preventing my technological deficiencies from solving.  After worship, the church family went over to a BBQ/Cook-out at the home of Tom and Meena Varghese.  It was a great time of fellowship, food, and fun.  I know there was a lot of work that went into preparing this for everyone, so thanks to Tom and Meena along with everyone else who helped them prepare.


Here are a couple of videos that my friend, colleague, and brother in Christ, Hobby Chapin shot of me discussing my last year spent in Colorado assisting in planting house churches.

3 responses to “Tweeting…A Passion for Christ (Phil 1.18-26)…Clay Neighborhood Videos

  1. The Fathers teach that after we learn to voice of Jesus, we must go on into the Stillness to be perfect and perfected. St. Ignatius the God-bearer said this in the First century.

  2. Rex:
    So enjoyed your sermon Sunday. Thank you for the thoughts, I have pondered them. Learning to discern the voice of God is one of the struggles we will stumble at until He comes and reveals all to us. I suppose it is why we rely so much on prayer. Perhaps it is also learning the language, we can’t hear Him if we don’t know what He is speaking. And He speaks of love and justice and mercy and kindness and forgiveness and… you know the story. Christians know the language, it is just difficult to learn. And yes, the noise does get in the way. I spent a couple of weeks with family who do not speak the language of God, and it was so much chatter, made my head hurt. It was great to be back Sunday and hear the language of Christians who love to hear what God has spoken. I look forward to more conversation and getting to know you and your family. God bless our efforts in learning to hear and our voices in learning to speak His language.

    • “Perhaps it is also learning the language, we can’t hear Him if we don’t know what He is speaking.”

      Amy, that is a very good point. We must know the language (and I would add) and symbols (i.e., cross, foot-washing, etc…) to understand the story God wants us to hear and live out. I’ve been a visitor in some church congregations, including a few Churches of Christ, where there were people gathering in the name of Jesus but I really wondered if they knew the language and symbols of God.

      Thanks for your kind words and you faith in Jesus Christ!


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