Sandra Bullock Adopted a Child

In case you have not heard, Oscar Award winning actress Sandra Bullock has adopted an African-American child…and that has resulted in causing quite a controversy.  You can view a CNN video about this issue here

Allow me to say a few comments about this controversy.  I am the proud uncle of eleven nephews and nieces.  One of them happens to be a bi-racial mix of African-American and Caucasian but the truth is we have never known him as black or white.  From the day he was adopted he has been known as Ben, a human-being created by God…not Ben a black child or Ben a white child.  We’ll never know what sort of life he would have had growing up had he not been adopted by my sister and her husband but Ben has grown up being loved and cared for by parents who have loved him as their child.  Ben is currently a college student with many of the same ambitions and dreams of every other college student.  He is not culturally ignorant of his ethnic backgrounds and has even experienced on a few occasions the unfortunate bigotry of those who still remain ignorant to the created equality of all human beings regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, etc…

But now…after all the marches and protests to do away with such things as segregation, the Jim Crow system, and every other injustice motivated by racial/ethnic hatred and ignorance, we are being told that color does matter, to see children as “black” and “white” or whatever colored background someone belongs too, that race/ethnicity really matters when it comes to the best interest and welfare of a child.  I guess we really have not come that far?  So much for progress!

4 responses to “Sandra Bullock Adopted a Child

  1. Race matters to some degree. It can’t be ignored. Last week, my son was telling me an imaginary story in which he said, “I’m riding a dirt bike and I’m white.” I asked, “Why did you say, ‘I’m white’?” He said, “Because I heard that black people used to be slaves. I don’t like that.” I explained to him that several great men have descended from slaves…from Moses to David to Jesus. I told him that great black people have always been around, too…from Moses’ wife, to Niger (an early leader of the church in Antioch), to Martin Luther King Jr., to Coach Tony Dungy. I told him that he could still be a great man like the long line of great people who are black and/or descendents of slaves.

    However, you are correct in saying that race is not as important as some people would have us believe. Our faith, our love, and our character are much more important than our race.

    • Terry,

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I think you handled the situation with your son brilliantly. I suppose race/ethnicity may matter but it shouldn’t and I don’t think we should accept judgment (either towards self or others) based on race/ethnicity.

      I long for the day when our children will not see themselves a black, white, red, etc…but simply as a person of immense worth created ‘very good’ in the image of God.

      Grace and peace,


  2. If only more people would read this.

  3. Incredibly great read! Really!

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