Jason’s Baptism

I woke up early Saturday morning around 5:30 to meet my friend Jason and several other friends from the house church we have been a part of for the last nine months.  Jason wanted to be baptized, so we all went down to the North Platte River to baptize him into Jesus Christ.  He was baptized around 6:45 am on Saturday, April 24, 2010.

Jason and his wife have been a part of our house church for the last year.  Even though Jason grew up in a Christian family that was part of a local church, he has been growing deeper in faith over the last year.  So in his own words, Jason decided “It’s time give it up and surrender my life to the Lord.”

Stories like this are exactly why I have pursued ministry as a life vocation.  These are the stories I get up for, to see our Lord’s death and resurrection become a part of another person’s life…to see our Lord’s victory put on in the flesh again and again as a testimony that God “has given us a new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead…” (1 Pet 1.3, NRSV).

2 responses to “Jason’s Baptism

  1. Yes, we are united to the Body of Christ through baptism!!!! In Samaria the baptism of converts was completed by the laying on of hands by the apostles for the reception of the Spirit. Baptism/Confirmation-chrismation- that is part of the reason that ‘laying on of hands” (Heb 6;2) is a foundation doctrine. After baptism in our church the pastor anoints with oil for the reception of the Spirit- then the justifying word is spoken- ‘thou art justified’. Justification being spoken after imparted union with Christ.

    Great experience. thanks for sharing.

  2. Adam Gonnerman


    This is what I love to hear and see.

    Looking forward to having you over here in New Jersey. Here’s to hoping we’ll see more people around this area becoming disciples.

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