Taking My Child to the Pub!

Apparently in Brooklyn, New York the debate is heating up as to whether children should be allowed to accompany their parents to a bar (and not a grill & bar like Chili’s Restaurant but your average local pub).  You can read about it here.  I don’t really know what to think.  There is so much that is unwise about this, regardless of whether you ascribe to a Christian moral view or not (and this has nothing to do with whether or not an adult ought to patronize a bar). 

Where is the wisdom in bringing your child to a bar?  Where are the parental/child priorities?  It takes a good stretch of the imagination to believe a parent is bringing their child to the bar with them because they are thinking of their child first and want to spend some quality time with their child. 

5 responses to “Taking My Child to the Pub!

  1. yeah, but in that movie ‘bigdaddy,’ adam sandler and his son frankenstein sure do seem to have a lot of fun at the bar watching football together… doesn’t that count for something?

  2. My grandparents were alcoholics. As I grew up, they used to take me with them to bars. They were tight with every law-enforcement officer within 50 miles of their house, or so it seemed, because if the sheriff came in and saw me there, Grandpa would say, “How’s the wife, Bill?” and suddenly everybody pretended I wasn’t there.

    Of course my grandparents didn’t take me out to the bars because they had me in mind. But I did learn some valuable early eye-opening lessons about alcohol that served me well when I got older. When my slightly underage college buddies were sneaking into the bars, I stayed behind. I’d seen that scene. I wasn’t interested.

  3. James,

    That was a funny movie…any way, my father can remember as a young teenager being taken into the local cigar shop (where gambling and other vices routinely took place) because it had the television to watch the baseball game on. When his mother found out where his father had taken him, my dad jokingly said she was so angry tht she had her first stroke.


    Your story is similar to my wife’s and the reason she has never wanted a thing to do with consumming alcohol. Her grandfather was an alcoholic who drank heavily until the day he died. But I also have several friends who have problems with alcohol and they all had parents who frequently consumed alcohol in and outside of the home. I don’t know what the statistical correlation between those with alcohol problems and those who, during their formative years, were in the presence of regular drinking but one of my concerns is that in a culture where it is already increasingly difficult to keep adolecents aways from drugs and alcohol (and the problems associated) that this would even become a bigger problem with bigger disasterous consequences if children are allowed to accompany their parents to the local pub.

    Well, thanks to the two of you for stopping by and leaving a comment.

    Grace and peace,


  4. Rex, I certainly am sympathetic to your point here, and agree that it very problematic.


    I think there’s a bigger story. In the interviews that I’ve seen on this story, what’s remarkable is that people are so starved for connection that they feel compelled to get with this type of behavior.

    Parenthood is certainly a great blessing, but I think we may underestimate how isolating it can be! For people whose primary adult experience of social life was the bar scene, I think this issue is really symptomatic of something besides alcoholism. Isolation is the real devil here!

  5. Steven,

    I completely agree with your assesment. I havn’t seen any other articles or news clips relating to this issue but when I read the news clipp which I linkes to, I thought to myself “this is only a symptom of a larger problem.” Of course, as you point out, that larger problem is isolation and the need for community (which I know from first hand experience that bars/pubs do provide). I thought to myself what a great ministry opportunity there is.

    Any ways, the only reason I didn’t mention that in the post was because I didn’t want to write about two different things. Maybe I will come back to this in anohter post.

    Grace and peace,


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