Scammed on Facebook

Yes, that’s right.  Someone gained control of my facebook account and pretended to be me, claiming that I was stranded in London and in need of money to be wired to a Western Union account.  I am glad that nobody fell for the scam and am thankful for everyone who contacted me to let me know what was going on.  I am deeply saddened that someone, pretending to be me, spoke to some of my friends with vulgarities and unpleasent talk but I am thankful to know that all of my friends recognize that I would never use such language to speak with them or anyone else. 

Any ways, for the record…I am safe at my home in Brighton, Colorado with my wife and children.  But if someone ever wants to buy me a vacation to London, England…I wouldn’t complain.

7 responses to “Scammed on Facebook

  1. The person tried that with me tonight. I thought it was fishy so I kept asking questions that he refused to answer. Glad to hear you’re okay!

  2. Hey Rex. You are the second person I know on Facebook that this has happened to. I knew it wasn’t you right away. After I said, ‘hi,’ the person said some ‘choice’ words. Bad words. I knew right away it was a hack. Hope all is working out now.

  3. Darin,

    That is probably what angered me the most…the fact that someone pretending to be me spoke to people I know with vulgar and abusive language. But it is also a lesson on why character matters. Character is one of the primary ways people recognize us and with all humility, I am thankful that people recognized the difference between my character and the character pretending to be me.

    Any ways…sometime in the next year I will see about building a new facebook account.

    Grace and peace,


  4. now thats a just a great way of getting out of paying me back that $ 350,000.00
    I SENT YOU …..
    blessings this christmas
    to you and yours

  5. Any idea how they gained access to your account? Did you delete your profile or change the password?

  6. Guess what I’m doing as I write this comment. I’m sitting on hold with Sony because someone stole my credit card number and made several hundred dollars worth of online purchases with it. lol

    Apparently one of the restaurants I visited had an employee that helped themself to my number. Not very smart though – online purchases to iTunes and digital video game downloads are associated with their account, and now their accounts will be nuked.

    Merry Christmas! :p

  7. Rich,

    I’ll take a cashiers check mailed to my home address :-).


    I think it happened while online at a coffee shop. As for my account, since the other person had control of it, they disabled it after they were done with it.


    I suppose in the grand scheme of things, we should not be too much of a complaintent since we have not been physically harmed in any way. However, people that do these sort of things are not just a nuisance but also violators of other people.

    Grace and peace,


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