Libera – Be Still, My Soul

Be Still, My Soul is a classic hymn that I discovered one day in chapel at Harding University Graduate School of Religion.  When I first heard the words to this song, it had only been a year since my wife and I had lost our son Kenny.  The song brought tears to my eyes then and still does to this day, as it was this song that gave words to the broken faith I had while reminding me that somehow, through all the grief and pain, that God was still faithful and the hour of our Lord’s return was hastening on. 

This past week I have been praying for several people who are very ill and in a possible fight for their very lives.  They are young and in the prime of their life.  Yet brewing in their life is a storm that longs for the voice of the Lord to say once again “Be Still!”  I don’t know what that stillness looks like and neither do they.  And so we all long for the day when the Lord will return and that stillness will be the joyful end where “…change and tears are past, all safe and blessed, we shall meet at last.”

One response to “Libera – Be Still, My Soul

  1. Powerful post, bro.

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