Pepperdine University Bible Lectures

I am making plans to attend the Pepperdine University Bible Lectures by myself and am interested in finding a out who else out there is going, so I am not forced to hang out with myself.  Who else out there is planning to attend?

8 responses to “Pepperdine University Bible Lectures

  1. Hi Rex,

    Look forward to meeting you in person! I’ll be out there on behalf of Herald of Truth.

    Grace and peace,

  2. Haven’t decide whether to go yet. I’ll be sure to post something if I’m heading out there.


  3. I’ll be there.

    I might even let you shake my hand.

  4. Rex- Linked to your blog through JMH’s. Have to confess I had to search the name of your city to find out what country you are in. Imagine my surprise!

    Belinda and I will both be at Pepperdine. I think that is in the US too.

    BTW: Do you recommend McGrath’s book. I read one of his books at HUGSR but am not familiar with this one. Looks good.

  5. Tim,

    Our city is just in the land of cold, woods, and lakes.

    I am half way through McGrath’s book and I have enjoyed it. I don’t know what conclusions he will draw (since I have not finished the book) but he is exposing problem of ‘sola scriptura’ that has produced many different denominations/fellowship who have different views and yet claim to follow nothing but the scriptures. For anyone who enjoys reading history, the book is easy to read.

    Any ways, it looks like we will see each other at Pepperdine.

    Grace and peace,


  6. Wes,

    You can tell about San Francisco!

  7. Wouldn’t miss if for the world. We usually bring 10-15 from our congregation. I would love to meet you face to face. God bless

  8. I would love to meet as well. Thanks Dell for stopping by the blog.


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