Pastor Rick Warren & President-Elect Barack Obama

     I congradulate both Pastor Rick Warren of the Saddleback Community Church and President-Elect Barack Obama for the leadership relationship they have forged and I do so with a greater respect for each of them.  I do this not because I agree with either person on every single issue nor because I endorse the marriage of church and state (and those who know me, know how I feel on such an issue), I do this because of the good will each is showing to the other.  However, as a Christian whose views are very confessional (and viewed Evangelical to many), it appears that I may be in the minority for it appears that many Evangelical Christians are upset with Rick Warren.  And of course, the secular left wing is eaqually upset with Barack Obama.

     The irony is that the left-wing is saying the same thing about Rick Warren as the right-wing said about Barack Obama. Both sides  believe the other to be too radical because of their views held on the same two issues. It seems as though this whole relationship between Obama and Warren is proving to be a good example as to how both the left and right can be intolerable to anyone who does not champion their cause. 

     The relationship between Warren and Obama is great for a nation that has become very polarized in recent years. It is great because people must learn how to work with other people for the greater good even when unanimous agreement will never be reached.  People need to remember that when the day comes where we can not work with any person or group unless they agree with us on every last issue, then the “ship” stalls out and goes nowhere. Unless the right and the left learn how to work together, especially in the areas where they agree, this nation is in for a very difficult period in its history. 

     There are so many causes that both sides believe in and agree on which are very important for the well-being of many right now.  Beyond that, whether abortion is legal or illegal does not mean two sides cannot work together to prevent unexpected pregnancies (which should help prevent abortions).  As for the whole gay marriage issue… let the state do whatever it wants because there is nothing that says the church must follow the suit.  Furhter more, the church is under no orders to recognize any marriage (gay or not) which it deems as unbiblical and foreign to God’s intention for marriage.  In the meantime, the church can continue to teach the biblical view of marriage.  But mark my word on this: If those on the right and left do not learn to work together and instead continue the ongoing polarization, then both sides will loose in the end.

10 responses to “Pastor Rick Warren & President-Elect Barack Obama

  1. And let me just say one more thing about my fellow Christians who want to label President-Elect Barack Obama as the President of Death because of his views on abortion (which I strongly disagree with Obama on)… First, such a comment is disrespectful and we Christians are commanded to show respect “to everyone” (1 Pet 2.17). Secondly, it is not as if the current President, George W. Bush, is innocent of blood on his hands. Did he not wage a war in Iraq that defies much of historical Christian criterion for just-war (for the many Christians who believe in such a thing as a just war)?

    Grace and peace,


  2. This post is a great lesson if learned. I sincerely hope it is.


  3. I think we’re in agreement on this, Rex. 🙂 I’m glad to see many good people standing up to face the vocal minority.

  4. Yes we are in agreement on this. This whole idea of unity only upon uniformity of agreement is destroying everyone. The end result is fatal. In churches it is called denominational division. In nations it is called civil war. Does anyone want to know where the US is headed if both left and right sides don’t stop the process of polarization?

    Thanks for stopping by Royce and Phil!


  5. I agree with you at a rate of about 90%, but the issue of gay marriage goes much deeper than just the vows between people of the same sex. I’m sure you are aware of the hateful response of California gays when they found out they lost in the their battle on election night. The secular left wants not only to allow gay marriage but remove all religion from the US. I know that sounds like it can’t happen, but let me assure you it can. Laws can and would be passed to make sure sexual identity wouldn’t be enough to keep someone from acquiring a job in any segment of American life. On the surface we might agree with that until a person who is caught up in the homosexual lifestyle is forced on your church staff because he or she has a right to that job. So though I am in agreement with your Warren/Obama assessment, I am not as trusting when it comes to the Gay Nation. Let’s be honest, God did not create “gayness.” I love and feel sorry for the folks who have bought into the lie that they were born that way. Nothing could be further from the truth. They need to be loved into the Kingdom by grace filled Christ followers unconditionally with patience, waiting for Jesus, the Life Changer to do His “thing.” Admittedly we as Christians haven’t helped the situation by making the absurd statement, “God created Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve.” But it is not too late to change our own hate speech. Sometimes we just need to quit the hurting and start loving. I’m sure Jesus will be relieved too.

  6. Jim,

    Thanks for stopping by the blog. It was not my intent to portray the entire gay marriage issue as an easy, simple, black and white issue. I am aware that there are some in support of the gay agenda who are very militant toward those who oppose gay marriage but I am also aware of some very militant expressions coming from those who call themselves Christians. Regardless of who is behind the hatefule rhetoric, it will not help resolve the issue. I also find it a little inconsistent when most Evangelical Christians have such a strong opposition to the government defining marriage in such a way as to include gays and lesbians while most Evangelical Christian are quite comfortable with the government already operating on a definition of marriage that is beyond the Bible (e.g., I can marry, divorce, and remarry as many times as I wish and the government still recognizes each re-marriage as marriage). As for the government forcing churches to accept gay clergy and et al… There was a time when Rome tried to force the church to bow down to the Empire. As long as we are victorious in Christ, we have nothing to fear and cannot be forced into anything.

    In the end, I agree that “…we just need to quit the hurting and start loving.”

    Merry Christmas!


  7. The problem I have with the legalization of gay marriage is this: the more culturally acceptable that lifestlye becomes, the more people you’ll have living it.

    When a person is so engrained in sin as to be “married” to it, the liklihood of their conversion is lessened.

  8. One of the major issues in all of this is that the gay lifestyle community has perpetuated their message (lie) for so long that the lie has become to them and those who will listen, the truth. In other words, as long as they believe God created “gay” people, they believe they have committed no sin. We as Christians many times try to convince them that they are in a sinful relationship if it is sexual with another person of the same sex. Though it is, it is not up to us to do anything but lead them to the Cross where Jesus will do the convicting. Our place is to do the loving. We serve a merciful God; and aren’t we glad of that.

  9. Wes,

    I would never support the government’s decision to legalize gay marriage. However, the older I get the more I realize the government will do what it wants to do whether I like it or not. But regardless of what the government does, it does not mean churches must accept it in their fellowship.

    Grace and peace,


  10. May your life be filled with happiness as you daily experience the blessings of God in the New Year!

    Bill Williams

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