Thinking on the Missional Church

The calling to be the missional church begins with those who die to themselves and live for Christ (not themselves) whether that leads them to martyrdom or just being the presence of God through testimony and ministry.  The key to being led hinges upon waiting for God in prayer, faith, and listening to his word as we gather in the community of God’s people.


This statement reflect the understanding a group of Christian leaders from the Churches of Christ (except for one person from an Independent Christian Church) came away from yesterday as we gathered in Minneapolis and spent time discussing what the missional church is, how such a church is empowered and led by the Holy Spirit, and how we discern such leading of the Spirit.  I doubt anyone gathered would say they have the final word on what the missional church is.  However, for a group formed by both progressive and traditional thinkers with a wider variety of education, this understanding that we came away with does help us to have a little more clarity as to what it means to be a missional church.  Now the challenge is to live out this calling.

2 responses to “Thinking on the Missional Church

  1. This is an interesting discussion you are having. I’d be interested to hear the same group further converse over the idea of “just being the presence of God ” in the statement. How does a community undertake that endeavour yet always maintina the humility and vulnerability that seems to be central to the “way of the Christ.” It’s a question our team is grappling with too.

  2. Adrian,

    First let me say thanks ,for stopping by the blog.

    You raise a great question. We like to be in control which seems to be very foreign to the ways of humility and vulnerability.

    The question of practicing the presence of God is a good one for us, whose church experience is still heavily a building centered model -which, in my opinion, is keeping the presence of God more and more out of the world he became a part of to redeem.


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