Giving to God & Placing God First: A Lesson From My Daughter

          As a Christian, I believe that one of our responsibilities is to give back to God as we have prospered (tithing/offering).  We have began giving our daughter, Caryn (who will turn 4 years old this comming New Year’s Day), a dollar each Sunday to place in our church’s offering basket, trying to teach her the value and responsibility of giving to God. 

          Yesterday, my daughter received a “Happy Holloween” card in the mail from her Grandpa and Grandma Martin (If Grandpa and Grandma read this…Thanks!).  In the card was five dollars (5 one-dollar bills which looks more impressive to a little child).  Naturally Caryn was excited.  Her mom and I began to talk about what she could do with the money, like saving some of it rather than spending it all on a toy or coloring book.  However Caryn looked up and said to us “First we have to give some to God.”  Naturally, her mom and I agreed and verbally assured her that this was the right thing to do but this was also a lesson for us from God.

          I confess that there are times, more often than not, when I receive money (paycheck, gift, etc…) and I first think of the bills I must pay, a book I have been wanting to buy, a new restaraunt that I want to try, etc…  This is not to say that I do not think about giving to God.  For I do remember to give to God but this is not my first thought when I receive money.  My daughter reminded me that what is important is God first.  Placing God first with our money is just as important as placing God first in all of the other decisions we make in life. 

5 responses to “Giving to God & Placing God First: A Lesson From My Daughter

  1. Wow! I just got a birthday check, and I’m ashamed to admit that wasn’t my first thought.

  2. Sounds like you’ve taught her well 🙂

  3. Out of the mouths of babes… I have learned so much from my children about what it means to be God’s child. Thanks for sharing this with us, Rex!

    Bill the Plumber

  4. We want children to grow up and God wants us “to grow down” and become like children.
    I can so relate to the picture you painted and recall similar settings and lessons. My daughter has taught me much more about God than I could ever teach her.

  5. Out of the mouths of children…

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