This Week at the Kandiyohi Church of Christ

        This week at the Kandiyohi Church of Christ we will begin working our way through a sermon series titled Our Story, the Christian’s Story.  I am excited about this because I know how much it has changed the way I thought and lived (or at least seek to live) when I began thinking of my faith as a grand story to live out.  When I was a child my younger brother and I would watch tv reruns of The Rifle Man, Gunsmoke, and The Big Valley.  Then we would dress up as cowboys (as much as we could), pick up our toy guns and play the story out.  We knew how the story line went and we knew how it ended (cowboys always win).  Well, begining this week we will look at our story and see how it ends (though it really never ends).  More importantly, I hope we will learn how to play the story out in our daily living.

        Also up for this week is the Gospel of Mark.  A few weeks ago we began reading the Gospel of Mark together to understand what Jesus Christ and the good news of the kingdom of God is all about.  But more importantly, we are reading the Gospel of Mark to become better disciples of Jesus (which is a major theme of Mark’s Gospel anyways). 

        This Sunday we will pay close attention to one of my favorite Jesus stories, the healing of the leper found in Mk 1.40-45.  The story is only five verses long but I believe this story is one of the most challenging stories of Jesus that we encounter if we are truly to pursue discipleship and live our lives like Jesus lived.  We know who the lepers are in our own communities.  The lepers are those who lives are in the margins just enough that we want nothing to do with them, or at least nothing personal like Jesus did.  Yet there is one phrase that challenges our entire disdainment of the lepers…  “He reached out his hand and touched the man (v. 41).

        May we live out our story!  May we live like Jesus lived!

2 responses to “This Week at the Kandiyohi Church of Christ

  1. Sounds like good stuff. 🙂

  2. Sounds like good stuff, brother!

    God bless,

    a spiritual oasis

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