Earlier tonight the county I live in (Kandiyohi County, MN) was placed under a severe thunderstorm warning.  As the storm began picking I thought I ought to go to the car and grab the flash light in case the power went out. 

     As I left the house, I heard the storm sirens sounding and noticed that the wind was picking up.  So I thought that I should get back in the house and turn on the news to watch the live weather broadcast (those broadcast that sometimes blur the line between reporting news and sensationalizing potential news). 

     As I went to walk back up my drive way I looked up to the sky and there it was… a tornado that looked to be right behind my house (actually it was probably a half a mile to a mile south).  Because I was not sure whether it was heading to the east or heading north (which would have placed my house in the direct path), I rushed inside and got my family into the basement. 

     If you have ever been in a tornado before then you know that the intensity of the noise level is a good indicator of whether it is coming to you or going away from you.  Since the sound appeared to be disipating, I ran outside with my video camera and managed to tape some great footage of the tornado.  KSTP News out of Minneapolis did come by the house and get a copy of my VHS recording (I am still in the dark ages when it comes to vidoe cameras) but I don’t think the footage made the final news cut.  Any ways, here is a link to another video of the tornado that hit the southern side of Willmar (Willmar, MN Tornado, Friday, July 11, 2008).

     I should mention that even though it appears no one was killed, there were at least two people injured and a good deal of property damage (including homes).  That does temper my excitement.  As much as I love big storms, I do know that for every major storm there is at least one person who will suffer because of the storm.  So even though I do love storms, I wish they were not a part of our world.

6 responses to “Tornado

  1. Impressive video. Scary. Glad you are safe.

  2. Glad to hear that no one was seriously injured. Glad you and yours are safe, as well. May God richly bless you in your new work. -bill

  3. I would tease you about having a VHS camera, but I don’t even own that much.

    One thing I definitely DO NOT miss here in New Jersey are the tornadoes and severe weather of the midwest.

  4. Adam,

    It is funny and ironic to hear you speak of no tornadoes in NJ. I know such storms are rare out there and when we moved to NY, I thought we would leave those behind. But… within a month Ithaca had a rare funnel cloud that went right over our home, sending my garbage can flying into the road as though it were a baseball being tossed through the air.

  5. Wow. Glad to hear everybody’s OK.

  6. Rex, I didn’t realize you’d already moved! I hope things are going well (aside fromt the weather).

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