Update on Jared

This is a little late but hey… better late than never.  Last Wednesday Jared was released from the hospital.  He is doing well and starting to become really alert to others around him.  Additionally, he is sleeping well as well as eating as if each meal was his last and of course pooping as though someone was paying him a lot of money for every single messy diaper.

Caryn is really taking to being a big sister and a big helper for her Mom and Dad.  She has even volunteered to change Jared’s diapers (sometimes, I wish she actually could).  The other night, another area Church of Christ was hosting a worship and fellowship evening.  I took Caryn with me and it was such a joy hearing her try to sing praises to God as well. 

The picture I have uploaded is one of Caryn helping feed Jared. 


2 responses to “Update on Jared

  1. sweet, and I am glad that thinks are looking up for the little guy.


  2. Very sweet picture. You know about the tooth fairy … well, I won’t go there. But I do wish I had a dollar for every diaper I’ve changed. May the Lord continue to bless your family!


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