Next Phase Please

There are no more exams, no more finals, no more late nights and early mornings… at least not for my Master of Divinity degree. Yesterday I took my last exam and earlier in the week I submitted my last paper (and as fate would have it, the last paper turned out to be the hardest). Except for one practicum left, I have completed all of the work for my degree and am well on the way to receiving that diploma this coming May. Hallelujah!

Now we must quickly pack our house (we’ve already started though) and move to Ithaca, New York where I will serve as the Preaching Minister for the Ithaca Church of Christ. We move out on Wednesday and are very excited. This will be a new and exciting phase.

10 responses to “Next Phase Please

  1. Congratulations Rex!

  2. Do good work up there. I will miss our baseball conversations. Be sure and bring up your children in the way of the Cubs. Keep in touch.

  3. May your knowledge and experience of the riches of God’s grace, abundantly lavished on us through the gift of His Son as our Savior and King, warm your souls and brighten your days through this holiday season. Merry Christmas! -bill

  4. Paula Harrington

    I have family in Northern NY and Northern Jersey, all Christians. Let me know which end of state you’re in and maybe you all can hook up. (Forgive me for not knowing where Ithaca is 🙂

  5. Paula,

    Ithaca is located in central up-state New York approximately an hour southwest of Syracuse.

  6. Dear fellow-blogger,

    Hopefully, your 2007 is getting off to a fantastic start. My prayer is that you will be blessed by God with many opportunities for fruitful service in the Lord’s kingdom in the new year.

    I wanted to let you know that I’ve listed your blog on my blogroll at The Spiritual Oasis’ web site. If you have additional blogs that you would like to see listed or would like to recommend others, please send word to:

    To view The Spiritual Oasis’ blogroll click the following link:

    The Spiritual Oasis Blogroll

  7. Paula Harrington

    Hi Rex,

    Thanks for stopping by the preachers’ wives book site.

    Yes, Brian is my brother. He’s wonderful 🙂


  8. Rex,
    thank you so much for your encouragement and prayers.Blessings to you in your new ministry.


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  10. Rex! I hope things are going well for you in NY, and that God blesses you. It’s definitely a huge blessing just to be done with classes. I saw your book review in RQ…congrats on that, too!

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