Chicago Cubs Manager Dusty Baker Fired

Today, after another LOOSING season, my baseball team – the Chicago Cubs – fired their manager Dusty Baker. This a day after the team President, Andy MacPhail resigned. However, Jim Hendry, their General remains. Why? Why fire a half-way decent manager when the problem was not his but rather a GM who insisted the team rely on two injury prone pitchers, failed to make a substantial offer for then Astros slugger Calos Beltran because of salary constraint but then dumped Sammy Sosa for nothing (in case you didn’t realize, if the Cubs were going to dump Sosa for nothing then they could have done that before Beltran signed with the Mets and had a potential chance at signing a big bat), and goes out an signs an average outfielder by the name of Jacque Jones (and call’s it a major deal).

It is true that no one could foresee some of the injuries to some of the other players but that is irrelevant because the Cubs were loosers last year two. The Cubs do not need another manager who will be fired in four years, they need upper management (begining with the GM) who will committ to fielding a team that will win the World Series.

Fielding a team that makes the playoff is not good enough. Cubs fans want a team that will win it all. Anything less is unacceptable. Spend the money that we all know the team has and Win!

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