Because Jesus is Lord

Did you hear about Gregory A. Boyd? He serves as an evangelist and preacher with the Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, MN. The Woodland Hills Church is a non-denominational church that apparently is very evangelical in its beliefs and practices and has become somewhat of a “Mega-Church.”

Believing that the gospel of Jesus Christ is not aligned with American politics or the nationalism so prevalent in this country (of which traditional evangelicalism traditionally stands for), Mr. Boyd preached about this. Daring to speak the truth at the risk of knowing he would upset some of the members in this church, Boyd counted the cost and continued to speak the truth. The result: according to Boyd, about 1,000 members of this 5,000 member church decided to leave. However, this also opened the door to this church reaching out and ministering to many more of the poor in the community.

Whether you agree or disagree with Boyd, he deserves respect because he knows who is Lord (Jesus the Messiah) and who is not the Lord (congregation members, money from tithing, popularity and likeability, American politics, American evangelicals, etc… to name a few). If you want to read the full article then click on the title of my blog to hit the link.

3 responses to “Because Jesus is Lord

  1. Digital Diet 365

    jesus couldn’t be the messiah…

    He didn’t fulfill all the messianic prophecies and his lineage does not make him a candidate:

    This site shows why Christ couldn’t be the Messiah:

  2. I believe the resurrection is credible and thereby Jesus of Nazzareth is the Messiah, Son of God, Son of Man, Lord, and Savior.

  3. John Telgren -

    Wow, that was a courageous thing to do, and evidently was needed. People get so emotional about politics, more than they really need to. I rarely see people get that emotional about the Gospel. Sometimes we need to be reminded that even though every authority has been established by God and exists as God’s instrument for justice, we are not of this world. Our political and social affiliations should not be entangled up with our Christian identity. Christ stands above culture, not of culture. We need to have these discussions in order to sort out the contradictions in our lives and what our place is supposed to be as Christians in the world.

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