Pat Robertson’s Plane Crashes

A plane belonging to the fundamentalist Christian broadcaster Pat Robertson crashed near Long Island, NY. Both Pilots perished as a result of the crash and several other people were injured. Pat Robertson was not aboard the flight. Click on the link in the title for an online news article with more details.

However, now that this terrible tragedy has occurred we all are left to wonder how Pat Robertson will interpret this terrible occurrence. Will he see this tragedy as a sign of God’s divine punishment, as he does with many other tragedies that either occur or are predicted by him? Or will he finally learn that human suffering and human tragedy are not necessarily the wrath of God being outpoured? Even more, will Pat Robertson finally learn that God has not given humans the ability to interpret and declare the reasons for human tragedy and innocent suffering?

2 responses to “Pat Robertson’s Plane Crashes

  1. Good point, Rex. There’s so much we humans don’t understand.

  2. Rex,
    This is Ian Bradshaw from SBS beta II class. How can I get a hold of you to ask some questions about the M.Div program? My email is . I hope you are doing well and I look forward to hearing from you.
    – Ian

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