Dare We Live "The Sermon on the Mount"

I have just left the Sermon Seminar at Rochester College in Rochester Hills, MI. The seminar topic was “Dare We Live in the World Imagined in the Sermon on the Mount.” Without a doubt, the seminar was both encouraging and challenging.

As Christians, here are some of the questions we have been challenged to ask:

Can we be a people who embrace the impoverished and destitute rather than the wealthy and powerful?

Can we be a people who live by grace, compassion, and righteousness rather than a triumphalistic, self-perpetuated glory?

Can we be a people who seek peaceful solutions to justice rather than the violent ways of our world?

Can we be a people so transformed by prayer that we truly become salt and light rather than just another common ordinary people among the world?

Can we be a people so transformed by prayer that we can freely confess our own wrong-doings, seek forgiveness in God, and then demonstrate that same loving forgiveness to the world – even our enemies of this world?

Can we seek the kingdom of God with such vigor that nothing of this world will come between our desire live out our calling?

Can we become so full of faith that the worries of this world depart from us, knowing that our Father in heaven has, is, and will continue to provide for our every need?

Can we learn to walk the narrow road, knowing that the narrow road will incur persecution but that God will give us our reward for faithfulness?

Can we truly learn to be the radical disciple that Jesus calls us to be, who abandoned the many dying kingdoms of this age and embraces the inbreaking Kingdom of God of the New Age?

So how about it? In a world where might is right, where wealth, power, and prestige are valued as essential to living and survival, where roughly 95% of the world exists in slavery for the service of the other 5%… Can we as Christians embrace a kingdom that is inaugurated by its leader hanging on a cross? Can we follow our Lord in such a path, embracing the cross in anticipation of God victory which has been promised in the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ?

4 responses to “Dare We Live "The Sermon on the Mount"

  1. Excellent thoughts, brother! I’m still processing my thoughts re: the sermon seminar. And, your questions will help me with the process.

    It was, indeed, a blessing to get to spend some time in conversation with you. Thanks for stopping in at the Spiritual Oasis. Let’s stay in touch!

  2. My son and I have been looking at the Sermon for “turning the other cheek.” see: http://exumbites.blogspot.com/

  3. rex, i have your cds. there wasn’t a shipping address on the order form. e-mail me at jared[at]justapreacher.com and i will send them off to you right away.

  4. Ouch! Jesus is so radical and so revolutionary, I would guess the majority of professing Christians would be extremely uncomfortable embracing even a small percentage of His teachings in these 3 chapters wholeheartedly. For Christians in the United States, this would be an especially huge wake up call. Excuse me while I go check myself in the mirror and spend some time in the closet!

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