Kai Leigh Harriot’s Grace

Did you miss the story about Kai Leigh Harriot? If so, then let me tell you.

When Kai Leigh Harriot was three years old, she was the victim of gun violence. As a result, the gunshot shattered her spinal cord before ripping through her chest. The gunshot left Kai paralyzed from the middle of the chest down.

Now five years old, Kai sits in a wheelchair that will be with her for the remainder of her life. She will never experience many of life’s little joys that so many of us take for granted on a daily basis.

Earlier this month she sat in the courtroom and faced the man who fired the gunshot into her little body. With profuse tears choking up her voice, she acknowledged that what the gunman did to her was wrong but then she said “But I still forgive him.”

Kai Leigh Harriot teaches us so much. She could have chosen to hate this man and curse him for this act of injustice he has afflicted her with but instead she chose to forgive this man. What a wonderful expression of grace!

If this little five year old child can have it in her heart to forgive someone for committing an egregious act of evil, why do so many of us struggle to forgive others who do wrong towards us?

One response to “Kai Leigh Harriot’s Grace

  1. Hey there is a cool prequel to the Kai Leigh Harriot story. Four days before she forgave the boy who shot her a sacred assembly attended by thousands called out for forgiveness and His grace to fall on Boston. You can read about it at my blog here. http://www.xanga.com/god_stories/473265478/the-beauty-in-grace.html

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