Holiness and Ministry

This was originally posted on another blog in response to a blog entry (see: www.griffithfamilymission.com).

If finding ourselves as Christians among those who are considered to be dysfunctional, poor, sinful, needy, etc…, means that we are defiling ourselves and not being holy, and then Jesus defiled himself and was not holy. However, I doubt that many Christians want to entertain such a thought. So then do we need to agree with other ‘Christians’ on matters of doctrine in order to serve in the name of Jesus Christ with them? If Jesus was willing to call twelve men to work alongside of him (and these twelve men hardly shared the same kingdom values of Jesus at that time), and then tell his disciples to back off the person(s) not belonging to Jesus’ group who was driving out demons in the name of Jesus (Mk. 9.38-39), then we surely have it back words when we chastise or refuse to serve alongside of other imperfect people who serve in the name of Jesus.

Where does that leave holiness? When we refuse to minister to someone because of their beliefs, lifestyle, ethnic and racial background, economic position, etc…, and yet this is who Jesus ministered too and he was considered holy – I think any refusal to minister to such people speaks volumes about our holiness, our lack of!

One response to “Holiness and Ministry

  1. If anything we should feel right at home! Sometimes we overlook the real world examples Jesus and Paul left for us (such as I Corinthians 9:19-23). As Christians we may be called upon to risk our reputations, move from our comfort zones and relate to (serve) people where they are in life. This will call for an investment of time, energy and resources for the sake of the Gospel and other people. I love what Mike Bechtle said in his book “Evangelism For the Rest Of Us” – “Stay close to God for intergrity of character, stay close to unbelievers for opportunities to influence, and stay close to believers for accountability and partnership.”
    Thanks Rex for the post.

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